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恭喜 HUAT! 财 - Pineapple Necklace (Gold)

Curated by Sensibar


In a nutshell, Pineapple = Prosperity = HUAT! 

This necklace is our local twist to the traditional Chinese greeting of "恭喜发财" (meaning may you be happy and prosperous). HUAT, colloquially used to refer to prosperity, is familiar to all young and old in Singapore. 

Specially curated for this festive season, these necklaces are definite conversation starters. Did we not mention how pleasing these are to our elder relatives as well? Everyone loves to huat. Prosperity assured for the entire year? HUAT ah!


A solid and well-plated piece completed with packaging specially customized by Sensibar, these necklaces also make great gifts for your family, friends and even yourself. 

  • Gold-plated
  • Necklace: 17 inches in total length
  • Pendant: 17 x 7 mm

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