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How to wear and care for your cuff bracelets?

Congratulations! You're a proud owner of our signature design - a timeless favourite loved by many. 

Before anything else, let us tell you more about your cuff bracelet so that you can wear and care for it in the best of ways :) 


Properties of material used:

Pure aluminum 

  • Less hypoallergenic than sterling silver
  • Tarnish and rust free
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easily adjustable to fit all wrist circumferences



How to adjust?

Everyone will receive their cuff bracelets in "a size too large" so please do watch the video below to know how they can be adjusted in the correct way. This step ("Slide & squeeze") is important because the wrong methods of adjustments will cause the cuff bracelets to break and bend in an unwanted manner.

  1. Slide the cuff bracelet down the arm till it fits snuggly. Gently squeeze the cuff bracelet on both sides. 
  2. To make it fit ideally, move the cuff bracelet lower down the arm to adjust the them in the same manner. 
  3. Do this "Slide & squeeze" a couple of times till you're comfortable with the size.


How to "open" the cuff bracelet?

Gently tug open the two ends of the cuff bracelets; applying equal strength on both sides.

The "trick" to dealing with these is to be gentle and to adjust them bit by bit on both sides. 

We hope the video above can provide you with a better idea of what we're trying to convey.  


How to care / can I shower with the cuff bracelet?

These bangles are made of pure aluminum and are also tarnish resistant. They can definitely withstand water but we would still advise against contact with water (especially perfume) if possible. Please try not to shower with your bangles on. 

This would definitely maximize the life of your bangles.

 These cuff bracelets will also not be covered in nasty red rust overtime. Just be sure to wipe them dry whenever you can. A little effort everyday will certainly make a lot of difference.


Hope the information above helped in loving and caring for your cuff bracelets!