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Gold-filled Jewellery

You may ask what exactly is gold-filled and how is this different from jewellery that is gold-plated? 

Let's put it simply. They are worlds apart.


Gold-filled is the next best alternative to solid gold and are also easy to care for. They will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime. You can wear these jewellery to shower without worrying about tarnish or flaking (we're sure we caught you at 'shower' ;) )

You have to read on to find out :) 


What is the difference between gold-plated and gold-filled? 

Gold-plating is a minuscule layer of solid gold applied to a brass base. The plating does not compose of measurable proportion of the product’s total weight. It is estimated to be 0.05% or less of the metal product. Gold plating will also eventually wear off and expose the brass base. Over time,it does not stand up to heat, water or wear.

By comparison, gold-filled contains 5% gold by weight. Moreover, all the gold is on the surface which offers product protection from tarnish and wear.


How does a component fall under the category of gold-filled?

Gold filled jewellery is much more valuable than jewelry that is gold plated. When something is gold filled, it has a thick sheet of gold applied to a base metal - up to 100,000 times thicker than gold plating. In order for something to be considered gold-filled, it must have a gold content of at least 1/20th the total weight of the item.

Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. This 5% is then described by the karatage of the gold alloy. Most gold-filled is 12kt or 14kt gold-filled. It is most accurately labelled with the karatage, the “/” symbol, and then 20 to reflect this construction. Products are identified as 14/20 Gold-filled or 12/20 Gold-Filled; alternatively, 14kt Gold-Filled or 12kt Gold-Filled are also acceptable.


How are gold-filled components constructed? 

Gold-filled is constructed in two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers’ brass. A gold alloy is then bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core with heat and pressure. The bonded raw material is then sold as sheet or wire to jewelry manufacturers for use in designs.


How to care for and clean my gold-filled jewellery?

Gold-filled does not de-laminate nor peel off like plated products. It also does not tarnish as readily as silver. Many owners find that they never have to clean gold-filled items at all. However, from time to time your jewelry may become dirty from everyday wear.

Gold-filled only requires light surface cleaning with an untreated cloth or mild soapy water. It is best to use mild soap and water.

Hot weather and water will not damage the material. However, do avoid wearing your gold-filled jewellery to swim (those heavy chlorinated water aren't good for your hair and your gold!) 


We are wearers of our own gold-filled products and have never removed them since the day we put them on. We dare ask you to go ahead with wearing them to your showers and workouts ;) 

It's high time that you own a piece of this lifetime (close enough!) jewellery too!


Our Gold-filled products are available here:

Gold-filled is a reasonably priced and quality alternative to solid gold. Most gold-filled items are made in the USA.

We are proud to declare that all gold-filled components used here at Sensibar are made and shipped directly from USA to ensure quality consistency of our products.