Based in sunny island Singapore & yes, we ship worldwide !

About Us

All of our handcrafted action happens in a tiny studio on sunny island, Singapore.

Our creations and curations are mostly inspired by heartfelt messages that we've always hoped to share.


At Sensibar, we know we can't do a lot of great things but we always make sure that we do all the small things with great love. We're happy when you're happy and the equation is really just that simple. 


Customers also flatter us by calling us the "ambassadors of love". We aren't exactly so but we surely aren't too far from that either. In our humble place, love is afterall our fuel and we wouldn't have made it here without your love. 


One of our dear friends aptly summed up what we really do here,

"I anchor thoughts, I anchor memories, moments, ideas, emotions...feelings that are fleeting, but I create things that encapsulate them, make them perennial. Just like how an old song can make you nostalgic about a certain time in our life, you can wear something that reminds you about what has already passed, yet can live on forever with you." 


We're bent on spreading love, even if it's one person at a time. Thank you for making our mission possible.


P.S. : Did we not mention that we are also crazy about details?  

P.P.S. : We'll be sharing stories of our customers real soon too! 

With love, 

Founder of Sensibar



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