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PARIS - Cityscape Ring (Silver)

Curated by Sensibar


Let us all wander in wonder. 

This world has its way in being an inspiration. We travel for a multitude of reasons - to experience and live the dreams we've never thought possible. We explore new grounds in search of a renewed self. Our wanders are powerful and it leaves us wondering from time to time. 

At Sensibar, we are inspired by the beauty of landscapes all around us. We want to wander these places without knowing what comes next and simply let the magic takeover.

What would yours be in each city? What's your wonder in each wander? 


Wander in Wonder by Sensibar features a collection of specially curated travel-inspired jewellery. 

  • Skyline of Paris
  • Handmade and plated with Silver 
  • Polished and perfected with a brushed finish


Lovingly made to fit any finger size with the adjustable bands

  • Adjustable with an open-back to fit most ring sizes
  • Pre-adjusted to a full loop to fits finger size US 6 perfect without an overlap (when adjusted to smaller) / gap (when adjusted to larger)
  • Height from ring base to top of Eiffel Tower: 1.2 cm

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