Happy new year! January 07 2015

Happy 2015 to one and all! :) 

We've been working hard and are THIS close to getting this site live! What surprised today is that we've already had customers registering for an account with us on this site (how did this news even get there!? :D )! 

We're definitely gonna be working through this so that you can enjoy a seamless shopping experience (aww, we do our best!) when everything's ready.

Just a gentle reminder that this site is NOT yet ready for you to place orders. We'll make an announcement when it is!

For any product information, kindly go to our current site here at http://sensibar.livejournal.com or feel free to drop us an email at sensibar@gmail.com 


Thank you so much once again for your love! Go ahead, register for an account with us. This site will be up sooner than you think! 

May you have a blessed year filled with lots of joy and love. 

Till the next! 

Love, Jaz